East India Youth (ou William Doyle, se preferirem), que passou pelo Musicbox no passado mês de Abril, agarrou em “Wrong” do novo trabalho dos Erland & The Carnival Closing Time, que sai a 25 de Agosto pela Full Time Hobby, e recriou o tema de forma quase épica desde o minimalismo até aos beats reminiscentes de Massive Attack, passando por orquestrações celestes de violinos e synths. Erland Cooper, a voz que dá corpo aos Erland & The Carnival, referiu-se da seguinte forma a William Doyle e à remistura de “Wrong”:

Total Strife Forever is my favourite record since Cluster’s Zuckerzeit. I watched a live show in London in January and I really hoped he’d be open to do a remix of this song. Really happy he did. He’s created an atmosphere that exposes the lyric and takes it away from the original. I like that each of his songs create their own world and for as long as they want to exist.

Podem encontrar o remix no lado B de Birth Of A Nation.

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