Mais comuns são as vezes em que um elemento de uma banda sai para uma carreira a solo do que um desses elementos transforma a banda na sua privativa aventura de escrita e de escape… mas acontece.

Desta vez, coube a Emily A. Sprague deixar os restantes elementos dos Florist para trás e atravessar o país para encontrar na Califórnia o seu novo cantinho.

É desta travessia que nasce o novo trabalho a solo de Emily. A solo, mas assinado como Florist. Emily Alone – mais que certeiro e bem escolhido o título -, é o terceiro disco dos Florist que prossegue em paralelo com a carreira a solo de Sprague no mundo dos sintetizadores modulares. Dois rostos, uma mulher, duas vozes, uma só sensibilidade.

Emily Alone tem data prevista para 26 de Julho pela Double Double Whammy e o avanço primordial é feito com “Shadow Bloom”. O vídeo para o tema é realizado por Carley Solether.

“Shadow Bloom” is a meditation on the mundanity and stillness of life during our greatest moments of growth and transition. It’s an appreciation for what is and not a lingering on what was or what will be. The calm after great pain, peace in the unknown, welcoming the darkness to come in and warmly fill the empty spaces inside of you.

Tracklist de Emily Alone e o vídeo de “Shadow Bloom” em baixo.

Emily Alone:

01 As Alone
02 Moon Begins
03 Celebration
04 I Also Have Eyes
05 Ocean Arms
06 Time Is a Dark Feeling
07 M
08 Now
09 Rain Song
10 Still
11 Shadow Bloom
12 Today I’ll Have You Around

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a year and a half ago i moved across the country to california alone and began a journey of finding the essence of a self inside of me, a spirit of sorts that breathes with me and keeps me company no matter where i am or how alone i may feel. the darkness of this internal place is thick and beautiful. i deep dove into it and emerged, somehow, with 12 songs that document this search through the lens of my own life. this new album and the process of making it was maybe the most growth filled experience i’ve had so far in this body. it’s about continuing to exist after all the walls around you fall down, about staying very still and listening for the invisible layers of realities which exist all around and within us, wanting so badly to reach in and take something out but only being able to do so within your mind. this album is also a deviation from florist as it has existed for the last 7 years – it’s a solo album because florist is a documentary, and this documentation although i made it alone, contains the story of the project during this time. my only goal in this life is to translate experiences and emotions into music and art for people to consume in their own lives and feel maybe just a little bit more comfortable in those dark and beautiful spaces . i hope this journey can resonate with people and serve as a reminder that magic is real and its inside of you at all times ~ this music means more to me than i could ever rant on about. i am so excited to finally be sharing it now. the first single “shadow bloom”, and the music video that goes with it is out today. my dear best friend @carleysolether made this photo of me on the album cover, as well as directed the new video, and @jtngu filmed + colored it. @dbldblwhmmy is my family and has supported florist unwaveringly for almost its entire life – they are good true people in this music world. i love you all so much ❤️ thank you ♾

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