Gravado em apenas duas semanas entre os subúrbios de New Iorque e o coração de Brooklyn, Wooden Aquarium, o novo disco dos Mazes, é um statement da fase da composição em que a banda se encontra neste momento. Canções capturadas em formato live e para fita de cassete. How cool is this?! Tal como explica Jack Cooper:

This album and going to America to record it represents a roll of the dice. Its primary influence is how the three of us play. We’re not trying to do anything unnatural, just to be ourselves. It’s the culmination of what we were trying to do with Ores & Minerals… the actual ‘sound’ of us is evolving and getting more idiosyncratic.

Jonathan Schenke, dos Parquet Courts, assumiu a produção e, segundo Cooper, marcou de forma profunda o som da banda no sucessor de Ores & Minerals e Better Ghosts EP, ambos de 2013.

If it wasn’t for Jonny, things would’ve got a little bleak… The dynamics of our band are very English, so can be quite tense and focused. I think that comes across in the music, but Jonny kept everything light and breezy.

Wooden Aquarium
01. Astigmatism
02. Salford
03. It Is What It Is
04. Explode Into Colo(u)rs
05. Vapour Trails
06. RIPP
07. Letters Between U&V
08. Mineral Springs
09. Stamford Hill
10. Universal Me
11. The Third Ridge

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