Only something as intense as the burning fire can bite this way. Only Matthias Peyker can leave us, once again, open-mouthed. There is something so beautiful in the discovery of an artist’s musical identity that we, as listeners, become profoundly endeared to this constant search and this constant growth. That was clearly observed in the path and metamorphoses of Peyker, an artist who began a solo career in 2007 with the album Like Big Black Clouds Through Burning Eyesa collection of songs that made us fly a little bit higher than the rest of the common mortals. Adapting himself and knowing his deepest entrails, he managed to polish his art.

As he set himself in his personality and art, he left us more treasures along the way. With “The Great Pretender“, a B-side split-single tape released in 2011 with Black Fox Tropikal via Willhelm Show Me The Major Label, we understand that Matthias Peyker, a.k.a. A Thousand Fuegos, was preparing us for a new dimension. A year later, through the Austrian label Seayou Records, Peyker released The Treachery of Things, followed in 2016 by the peculiar “Movement 1 (Love’s Passion)” and a few months later by the extraordinary single-tracked album This is Evolution Pt.2, which produced two elegant and fitting videoclips. Used to the short footage game of bungee jumping from image to image in a geometric “raw artsy” style play, our Vienna artist does not disappoint us. We are absorbed in this aesthetics and panoply of raw emotions, where Matthias is the messenger who acts as a maestro who awakens sleeping bodies and souls.

A new video has arrived and with it, a new realism. “Movement 2” is a resonating and sweet plot, outlined with a degradê of 3D images of a central zoom box that dazzle us with several surprises. We are shown digitally rendered animals like horses, goats, cows, a dog and a snake. To remenber us that mistery is part of seduction, A Thousand Fuegos leaves us, once again, glazed over it.

The purpose of her own existence
was to put the lives of others across.
It was not her intention, to open up the world through symbols, to transcend,
everything shouldn’t be revealed,
even the moment of deception.
She was an interested silhouette
of the individual or particular stories
of people around her,
She was predetermined Their parts.
Their past, Their situation, Their freedom
and the resistance against nature September Their mind.
She revealed what otherwise would stay unseen
or else: opaque

This Austrian shaman takes us into another world without asking for proper permission: he talks to us about reality, the waiting, the anxiety to live and to not live. It’s this shock of imagery that makes A Thousand Fuegos one of the most prestiged artists of 2016, firmly devoted to his purpose of stinging our minds with his inovating musical demonstrations which are undoubtedly effective. “Movement 2” transcends and leaves us swinging between its existencialist ideas. At the same time, a grasp demanding text is subtitled in front of us. This masterpiece was born in the hands and mind of Peyker, as the artwork was done by him with help of Phillip Hohenwarter. Oddities and beauties such as this, can’t go to waste. Here, for you, the premiere of the glorious “Movement 2”.