A “Highway” de negros folks de Chelsea Wolfe tem vídeo novo

Quase 6 meses depois do lançamento, The Birth Of Violence de Chelsea Wolfe ainda continua a ter algo a acrescentar. Depois dos vídeos para “Derranged For  Rock & Roll”, “Be All Things” e “American Darkness”, desta vez é “Highway” a ganhar um acompanhamento visual.

O vídeo é realizado por Ben Chisholm e Kristin Cofer e capta a feiticeira dark-folk numa estrada solitária junto a um cemitério tomado pelo esquecimento e a natureza.

Sobre o vídeo Wolfe conta que:

I’ve been blessed to work with both Ben Chisholm and Kristin Cofer for many years now as creative collaborators. Ben sometimes does something called ‘grave-hunting,’ searching for graves for people online who are looking for their relatives in far-away cemeteries. Kristin and I went along with him one day last spring to a hidden graveyard in a small mountain town and I brought my guitar along. We searched, and filmed, and played some music for those who’ve passed on. The feel of the video was inspired by some footage I stumbled upon of Joni Mitchell from a 1966 French-Canadian TV show, after I had already written ‘Highway,’ but the feel was just so sweet and natural and free, and I wanted to bring that to life for my own song as well, since Joni has been such a big inspiration for me since childhood.”

Birth of Violence foi editado pela Sargent House a 13 de setembro de 2019 e foi um dos nossos 270 discos de 2019 que devias ter ouvido e não ouviste… ou ouviste?