Cymbals – The End

O quarteto londrino Cymbals lançou um novo vídeo para “The End”, o tema de mais de sete minutos que é uma das peças centrais do recente The Age Of Fracture. Realizado por Matthew Reed, que também criou o aclamado vídeo de “Erosion” e o trailer do álbum, “The End” segue a linhagem estética deste último de uma forma mais aprofundada.

The video is a portrait of London over 24 hours, stripped back to its essential rhythms of work, leisure and the movement between the two. The song seemed, to me, to inhabit that grey area between four in the morning and dawn, when you have people going home from the night before and people getting up for work, sharing the same night bus. So the video keeps ending up at that point. The idea being that however much you may try to escape it, city life keeps you hostage to very pronounced cycles of rhythm and routine.