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Editors disponibilizam concerto completo ‘Live at Alexandra Palace’

No seguimento de tantas outras bandas e artistas, os Editors disponibilizam um concerto completo para ir matando as saudades tanto das bandas como da experiência única que é um espectáculo ao vivo.

A gravação que a banda de Birmingham carregou na sua página de Youtube é uma noite em 2008 no Alexandra Palace em Londres. Por esta altura a discografia dos Editors estava ainda reduzida a The Back Room de 2005 e An End Has a Start de 2007.

Sobre este concerto, Edward Lay, baterista dos britânicos, deixa uma nota a acompanhar que diz:

This is the big screen footage of our show at Alexandra Palace on 6th March 2008 where we play all the stuff from our first two records, and which obviously heavily features our old compadre Chris Urbanowicz. This is the show that some over-exuberant punter was loving the vibe of so much he/she launched a pint of lager in the air only to completely knock out the sound-desk, leaving us onstage playing on completely unaware that the crowd out front couldn’t hear a thing – so excuse the couple of songs that go missing in the middle somewhere.  I also remember this show for having to travel back to the hotel afterward in the boot of my mum and dad’s car, for some reason I can’t quite remember.  Anyway, whether you have all the time in the world and need as much content as possible to binge on over the next few weeks, or maybe you would like something to watch to take your mind off things at the end of a tough day, we all hope you enjoy it.  Much love. Ed, Editors x

Os Editors editaram no ano passado a compilação retrospectiva Black Gold e o último registo de originais foi Violence de 2018.