The Wave Pictures

Os The Wave Pictures têm novo single e a culpa não morre solteira. É dos The Who, do Keith Moon, dos flamingos na lua e de Portugal… ah pois!

Conta David Tattersal, a voz e a guitarra do trio londrino

Once I saw the moon in the still eye of a flamingo, motionless on one straight leg in London zoo. And once I saw a flamingo in the moon, this great big pink moon that hung in the sky over Portugal and looked like it was on fire.

“Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon”, é mais um dos temas retirados em formato single do último registo com o mesmo nome editado pela Moshi Moshi com a mão preciosa na produção, escrita, equipamento vintage e algumas guitarradas de Mr. Billy Childish.

this song has yet another moon in it: the drum roll that Jonny ”Huddersfield” Helm peels off in the choruses is pure Keith Moon. People tend not to listen past my voice and notice things like The Who, lurking (or pogoing) in the background. But there they are. Billy plays the guitar on this one and he sounds just like Pete Townsend to me

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